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Hi, this is a message by ERIK MOOLENAAR, of VOORSCHOTEN in the NETHERLANDS, 78 years of age. I have been working on a genealogy of the MOOLENAAR- family, descendants of CORNELIS TEUNISZ. of HET BILT in Friesland who was born in the village of JACOBIPAROCHIE, some time around 1635.

The first part is titeled MOOLENAAR 1635-1835, THE FIRST SIX GENERATIONS; work on the second is progressing and is titled MOOLENAAR 1835-1935, THE NEXT FOUR GENERATIONS

I'm also making a collection of pictures and photographs of individual MOOLENAARS, the eldest one pictured is JOHANNES MOOLENAAR, born in HAARLEM 1797. Obviously this is not a photograph but a drawing.

Anyone interested in contact please answer to me. languages mastered: english, french, german and of course Dutch.

Note from Bram: Erik unfortunately passed away in 2004. I think that he would like this information to remain published here. It is unmodified, except that I removed his email address. To know more you can ask his granddaughter Nienke.

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